Managing Behaviour

Being a parent is a tough job and often there is the unfair expectation that parents should “just know” how to help their kids through any challenge. Depending on the particular behaviour(s) that is interfering at home and/or school, we use a variety of techniques to educate and support the entire family. We offer a warm, supportive environment so that everyone can feel safe and at ease to explore the situation. The goal is to have parents and children learn more about themselves and each other, and leave feeling self-compassion and self-confident in facing their challenges.

In some cases, we employ positive behaviour strategies in working with children with behaviours that keep them from reaching their full potential. In short, these strategies focus on developing an environment at home and school that meets the child’s needs, while also generating plans that improve the child’s independence and ability to maintain appropriate behaviour through consequences (ideally, more positive than negative). This is usually offered in the office, but a premium service directly in the home is also available in certain situations.

Previously, it was thought that working with children directly to help them behave better would be the most successful strategy. Unfortunately, we’ve found most children have already been talked to about their behaviour, and that approach on its own does not usually work. Our approach includes Parent Management Training so that parents can learn new strategies to effectively parent children who present with challenging behaviours.

Adolescent Problem Solving:

You have survived the 3:00am feeds, the temper tantrums, and the never ending colds and fevers, so why does the word ‘teenager’ make you shudder? Adolescence is a critical time in development. It marks the time in which children separate from their parents and try to redefine themselves as distinct individuals. In the process, many of them push boundaries, assert their independence, and try desperately to fit in with their peers. This can result in conflict with parents, which may result in you trying to hold the reigns of control tighter, or letting go of the reigns all together.

Our psychologists can provide you more information on normal development in adolescence. We will discuss parenting styles, communication strategies, setting boundaries, and methods of resolving conflict. In addition, we will offer suggestions to help nurture your teen’s confidence and self-esteem.

Parenting with Multiples (Twins, Triplets and more):

Parenting twins and triplets is a special experience, but not always easy. We provide assistance to families who are looking for parenting and scheduling support before their little bundles are born, and in the years beyond.

Parenting after Separation:

The objectives are to help parents:

  • Understand and support their children’s needs in separation
  • Help children through the separation
  • Maintain a positive relationship with children
  • Understand the emotional, financial and legal implications of parenting apart