Autism Assessments:

Nexus Psychology is a practice recognized for its expertise in the assessment of Autism. We are proud allies of the Autism Community and work hard to offer a supportive and affirmative assessment experience. As psychologists, we are required to adhere to the diagnostic criteria outlined in the DSM-5-TR; however, we recognize the shortcomings of a medical-only model. We are always working to increase our understanding of the Autistic experience and we are regularly reviewing and re-building our assessment toolboxes as new, neuro-affirming assessment tools become available.

The key components of this assessment include direct assessment with your child, a developmental interview with parents/caregivers, collaborative conversations with your current care providers (e.g., SLP, OT, and sometimes Family Doctor, Psychiatrist and Pediatrician), and occasionally an observation of your child in a familiar environment.

The key components of this assessment include direct assessment and a detailed interview with the client. Gathering information about early development is also important, so we will have a discussion with you to determine the best way to gather this information in a way that respects your privacy.