Beena Thomas, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist

My path in life wasn’t always clear to me. During my childhood, I tended to fleet from one fanciful career idea to the next. Perhaps I would be a world-renowned journalist or maybe a five-star chef. At one point I was convinced I would live on a compound and make organic soaps. While none of those plans came to fruition, sitting in my first undergraduate psychology class, something “clicked”. I was hooked and spent the next several years pursuing all things psychology.

I completed an undergraduate Honours degree in Psychology and immersed myself in as many research and clinical experiences as possible. I went on to pursue my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in the United States, training as a generalist psychologist with experience in assessment and treatment with individuals across the lifespan. My doctoral internship was completed at Emory University School of Medicine where I worked with individuals experiencing co-occurring physical and mental health concerns. Cumulatively, these experiences have made me a well-rounded clinician who is able to work with a wide range of clients and presenting concerns.

Currently, I hold a position as the Program Lead for CASA’s Professional Development and Education team. In this role I offer training, consultation, and mentoring to mental health clinicians in rural Alberta. I previously held a position as the Clinical Lead for CASA’s Psychoeducational Assessment and Consultation team, providing complex assessment and psychological intervention for children and teens presenting with a range of mental health concerns. I also supervise master’s and doctoral level students from the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. I maintain a small private practice focusing on psychoeducational assessment and psychological intervention for children and adults. Therapeutically, I practice from a cognitive-behavioural framework but integrate varied strategies based on the needs of the client. Some of my areas of therapeutic interest and expertise include anxiety, depression, ADHD, parent management training for oppositional behaviour, and mindfulness-based interventions for managing emotions. I also provide parent coaching for young children with diagnosed or suspected Autism.

Personally, I’m married to a kind and hilarious man. We love to travel and are working on a plan to visit 50 countries by our 50th birthdays. We have a young son who keeps us busy and reminds us about the beauty and wonder in very ordinary things.