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Nexus Psychology is a family-centered practice. Our psychologists have extensive experience in working with a range of populations including children, adolescents, adults, and families. At Nexus Psychology, we strive to create a safe, warm, and inviting environment.

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Dorrie KoscielnukRegistered Psychologist

Like a fingerprint, every child is unique in the way they think, learn and behave. I have worked with children and adolescents for many years, and was always intrigued by those who ‘marched to their own beat.’ I want to march to their beat too. I want to hear them. Understand them. Understanding is what pushes me as a psychologist. Read more

Beena ThomasRegistered Psychologist

My path in life wasn’t always clear to me. During my childhood, I tended to fleet from one fanciful career idea to the next. Perhaps I would be a world-renowned journalist or maybe a five-star chef. At one point I was convinced I would live on a compound and make organic soaps. While none of those plans came to fruition, sitting in my first undergraduate psychology class, something “clicked”. I was hooked and spent the next several years pursuing all things psychology. Read more


I was born in Germany and moved to Canada after high school to attend university. In 2016, I graduated the Ph.D. program in Clinical Neuropsychology in Windsor, Ontario and have been practicing in Edmonton ever since. I love that my job provides me with many opportunities to have a positive impact on a child’s life and to help them get set up for success in their academic journey. Read more


Being a psychologist allows me to help parents and educators to better understand the unique strengths and challenges of their child or student. This understanding helps to facilitate a supportive home and school learning environment, where specific needs can be addressed and strengths can be embraced. It brings me great joy to help children and adolescents to feel more understood and supported. Read more


I have always had a passion of working with and supporting children and their families. I have extensive experience in both the assessment and treatment of infant, preschool, and school-aged children. One of my areas of specialization is working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and in supporting families through their journey. Most of my private practice is focused on the diagnosis of ASD, however I really enjoy having a mix of both assessment and treatment in my private practice role. Read more

Katrina Kully-Martens

I am a Registered Psychologist (she/her) who specializes in working with children, youth, young adults, and parents. I received my Ph.D. in School and Clinical Child Psychology from the University of Alberta in 2020, and completed my pre-doctoral residency in Clinical Psychology with the London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium in London, Ontario. I have trained and worked in a variety of clinical settings in Alberta and Ontario, including community mental health agencies, youth residential treatment, children’s hospitals, schools, and private practice. In addition to my work providing assessment with Nexus Psychology, I am also privileged to work for the Hinton Indigenous Friendship Centre. Read more

Paula Oliveira-Lauterbach

Paula Oliveira-Lauterbach, B.Ed., B.A., Behavioural Consultant & Psychometrist

From a young age, I knew that I would devote my work life to children, adolescents and families. Being in the company of young people is entertaining, inspiring and informative. This led me to university where I had the opportunity to study childhood development, human behaviour and education. Over the past 25 years I have worked alongside children, adolescents and families in the childcare, school, public and private sectors. I am also a mom to two wonderful boys. In all my experiences, I have learned how to manage, accommodate and encourage behaviours in young people to lead healthy and functioning lives in their environments. It takes a village to raise a child and I look forward to being that person in yours!

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Allison McNeilM.A., R.Psych

Allison McNeil (B.A., B.Ed., M.A.) is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta. She is currently completing her Ph.D. at the University of Alberta. Academically, Allison has conducted research in the areas of learning disabilities, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and neuropsychological development; she is a co-author on multiple published research papers. Allison has presented at both international and Canadian conferences sharing her knowledge of FASD and strengths-based assessment. She currently supervises graduate students in the School and Clinical Child Psychology program at the University of Alberta. Read more