At Nexus Psychology, we strive to provide a safe, warm, and inviting clinical experience. We welcome and celebrate individual differences and we are committed to offering a neuro-affirmative approach. The Nexus team is composed of professionals with exceptional education and training in their specific fields of expertise. You can be assured that the psychologist that you work with at Nexus Psychology will provide current, evidence-based assessment and treatment methods.

How We Can Help

Nexus Psychology offers Assessment, Treatment, and Consultation services for Children, Youth, Adults, and their Families.

  • Assessment Services:
  • Learning/ Psychoeducational Assessments
  • Gifted Assessments
  • ADHD Assessments (All Ages)
  • Autism Assessments (All Ages)
  • Treatment Services:
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Parenting/ Positive Behavioural Support
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Self Esteem
  • Parent coaching and direct therapy for young children with diagnosed or suspected Autism using the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)

Meet the team

  • Dorrie Koscielnuk

    Dorrie KoscielnukRegistered Psychologist

    I have been working as a psychologist for many years, but my clinical work has evolved overtime. I spent many years working on complex assessment and diagnostic clinics at the Glenrose Hospital. This was the cornerstone to my specialized assessment training, particularly in assessing and diagnosing individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Beena Thomas

    Beena ThomasRegistered Psychologist

    My path in life wasn’t always clear to me. During my childhood, I tended to fleet from one fanciful career idea to the next. Perhaps I would be a world-renowned journalist or maybe a five-star chef. At one point I was convinced I would live on a compound and make organic soaps. While none of those plans came to fruition, sitting in my first undergraduate psychology class, something “clicked”. I was hooked and spent the next several years pursuing all things psychology.

  • Jenny Carstens


    I was born in Germany and moved to Canada after high school to attend university. In 2016, I graduated the Ph.D. program in Clinical Neuropsychology in Windsor, Ontario and have been practicing in Edmonton ever since. I love that my job provides me with many opportunities to have a positive impact on a child’s life and to help them get set up for success in their journey.

  • Kendal Toll


    In high school, I enthusiastically signed up for Psychology 20 and have not looked back since. I eagerly ventured into my undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta where I learned how diverse the field of psychology truly is. I investigated various areas through research experiences evaluating dyslexia, perceptions of information and communications technology, critical appraisal skills, and the effects of stress on undergraduate students. One thing was certain, I wanted to work with and help people. This led me to the University of Calgary where I completed a MSc in School & Applied Child Psychology. During this program, I was introduced to the world of psychological assessment and my interest truly blossomed.

  • Katrina Kully-Martens


    I am a Registered Psychologist (she/her) who specializes in working with children, youth, young adults, and parents. I received my Ph.D. in School and Clinical Child Psychology from the University of Alberta in 2020, and completed my pre-doctoral residency in Clinical Psychology with the London Clinical Psychology Residency Consortium in London, Ontario. I have trained and worked in a variety of clinical settings in Alberta and Ontario, including community mental health agencies, youth residential treatment, children’s hospitals, schools, and private practice. In addition to my work providing assessment with Nexus Psychology, I am also privileged to work for the Hinton Indigenous Friendship Centre. I currently divide my time between Edmonton, AB and Hinton, AB, and am pleased to offer services to those living in the West Yellowhead corridor. I work primarily with individuals presenting with neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., ADHD, FASD, Intellectual Disabilities, learning disabilities), anxiety and mood disorders, developmental and complex trauma, and parent-child relationship challenges.

  • Paula Oliveira-Lauterbach

    Paula Oliveira-LauterbachBehavioural Consultant & Psychometrist

    From a young age, I knew that I would devote my work life to children, adolescents, and families. This led me to university to embark on a journey of early childhood development, human behaviour, and elementary education. In the past 25 years, I have worked in many settings including childcare, schools, and work in the public and private sector. These experiences brought me to working in the mental health field. Providing psychometry services, I administer cognitive, academic, autism and sustained attention assessments. Along the way, I discovered that I have a special interest in neurodivergence among preschoolers, children, adolescents, and adults. Personally, I am a mom to two wonderful boys, a wife, and a dog-mom! I look forward to working alongside you in your journey.

  • Kristi Zubick

    Kristi ZubickRegistered Psychologist

    I completed an Honours degree in Psychology in Edmonton before heading to the University of Calgary to pursue my Master's degree in School and Applied Child Psychology. Throughout the years, I have worked in both private practice and school board settings and continue to do so. The driving force behind any psychological assessment I complete is to provide individuals and families with a thorough understanding of their or their child's profile, including areas of strength and need, with an emphasis on ways in which to support the greatest success in all aspects of life. I have special interests in the areas of autism and ADHD, and I spent a couple of years working on the board for ADHD Edmonton where I helped to facilitate support groups. I am constantly on the search for new information and learning to ensure that my practice is up-to-date. I strive to be neuroaffirming through my assessments and approaches to recommendations.

  • Alyssa Kluk

    Alyssa KlukRegistered Psychologist

    The driving force behind my work is to provide validation, acceptance, and advocacy for each individual I see, regardless of where they are at on their journey. My lifelong passion for supporting neurodiverse individuals and advocating for a more inclusive society began with a close personal family connection to autism and has continued through meaningful conversations with individuals about their personal experiences. My goal is to understand each person through their own unique lens and to help them and their families understand more about themselves.

  • Danielle Mattson

    Danielle MattsonRegistered Provisional Psychologist

    I am currently completing my PhD in School and Clinical Child Psychology at the University of Alberta, where I also earned my Master’s degree in the same program. I have had the opportunity to work and train in various settings, including public schools, private psychology practices, and community mental health clinics. Together, these experiences have allowed me to treat and assess individuals with a variety of different needs and goals.

  • Kristen Brown

    Kristen BrownRegistered Psychologist

    I completed my Bachelor of Science in Honours Psychology at MacEwan University and earned my Master of Education in Counselling Psychology at the University of Lethbridge. Through my years of education and experience in various settings, I developed an innate interest in understanding our human psychology and how I can provide a space of therapeutic healing and facilitate neuro-affirmative care in psychoeducational assessments.